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No line bifocals lenses

What is no line bifocals lens (progressive multifocal lens)? Pros and cons

Although, it is complicated, we will make it as simple as possible. No line bifocals lens (progressive multifocal lens) is a lens that upper part is used to look far, the middle is used for medium distance and the bottom is used to look at the near.

Pros: The power of no line bifocals lens changes gradually over the progression zone from the distance power at the top to the near power at the bottom, which has many advantages over ordinary lenses. Click for More information.

Types of no line bifocals lens we provide: External Progressive lens vs. Inner Progressive lens

External Progressive lens is also called the front surface design progressive lens, which is to put the function side of the power changing zone on the front surface of the lens, farther away from the eye.

The Inner progressive lens, also known as the posterior surface design progressive lens, we can know from the name, this progressive lens is to put the function side of the power changing area on the back surface, closer to the eye. Pros and Cons.

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