About FramesFashion

Framesfashion was founded by Julian Cheng who is a multinational entrepreneur. He has experiences in fashion and optical machine industry and has deep understanding both fashion and glasses industry. He believes that eyeglasses should be quality, fashion and cost effective.

The internet and globalization make it possible to optimize glasses industry recourse from whole world. Framesfashion’s vision is to provide quality, fashion and cost effective lenses, frames and opticians service to the whole world through internet by the means of decentralized and optimized every element of the glasses industry.

why choose us?

Centralization and Scale do not always mean efficient. It may create monopoly, bureaucracy, lower efficiency. We will balance centralization and decentralization and optimize the collaboration among lenses and frames manufacturers, frames designers, opticians, social media influencers, marketing experts, logistical and most important, our customers to achieve our vision.


Lenses quality is the base of glasses. Because of experiences in optical equipment industry , Julian has deep understanding and close relationship with top lenses manufacturers in China. Therefore, FramesFashion has advantage to reach good quality and lower cost lenses.


Our frames are designed by a team with you in mind, knowing you want to look your best. They keep their eyes close to fashion trendy and work close with frame manufacturers to get instant respond to real market. We strongly encourage our customers to contribute their creative thinking through the images, videos and words. We want framefashion.com to be a platform for creation of fashions by active customers all over the world.


Why the prescription glasses are expensive?  Monopoly of lens manufacturing, expensive retail rent, lower efficient collaboration. Framesfashion decentralize and optimize the every element of the glasses industry to cut the cost down.


In order to optimize the every element of the glasses industry, we have to select best partners on supply chain. How can we do it? Let them compete and we select the winners.  Here are some of our strategic partners.


Design and manufacture prescription multilayer films lenses and sunglasses lenses. 7600,000 square feet, 662 employees. Total production 16,000,000 pairs of lenses

Designer & Manfacturer

Design and manufacture eyeglasses frames and sunglasses. 140000 Square feet, 5 designers, 70 employees.

Designer and Manufacturer

Design and manufacture eyeglasses frames and sunglasses. 160000 Square feet, 6 designers, 55 employees.

Liu Shenglan

20 years experiences. 2,000 square feet, 6 employees.