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1) Fashion Glasses Stories

For my first interview after graduating from graduate school, my tutor suggested that I should wear black wide-rimmed glasses. He said that that style of glasses, although not fashionable glasses, would make me look more mature and make up for my baby-face disadvantage.

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I really did that. The result of my interview proved successful and I was lucky enough to be hired. The average accepted ratio was much less than 5%. Of course, I can't say that the result is caused by black wide-rimmed glasses.

Unlike many superheroes who wear masks, the Man of Steel does nothing to cover his face when fighting crime, but hides under a simple pair of glasses as reporter Clark Kent. They are old fashioned glasses with a wide-rimmed frame which very fit for reporter identity.

People laugh about how impossible this seems, but it may surprise you to learn that a pair of glasses actually do a rather good job of masking a person's looks. Experts have found that a simple act just as Clark Kent donning a pair of glasses really can confuse people so much they don't recognize you.

Researchers at the University of York recently conducted a study about the effect that glasses have when it comes to facial recognition, seemingly inadvertently showing that Clark Kent's disguise is somewhat plausible.

2) Fashion Glasses Let People to Value You Appearance More

Most people judge people just by looking at their appearances because that's the first thing visible to us. “Image determines influence” Dressing is an art of “deception”. A person can be "face". Generally speaking, his "appearance" can partially or largely see what kind of person he is.

The appearance tells a lot about a person. The way he dress, the glasses and shoes he wears, even the fashion style of glasses will tell us about the mood of the person.

It is very important to present ourselves in our best way in interviews and presentation.

The animal world is full of trickery and concealment. To evade predators and sneak up on prey, animals must often distort their true appearance. People actually have the best disguise technique in the animal world.

Nowadays, we are not afraid of predators or try to frighten predators or other people. However, those basic instincts play more important roles in other way.

3) Fashion Glasses are Tools to Enhance Your Appearance

Glasses are just like jewelries, watches, hats and scarfs can enhance the feelings of fashion. “Fashion is an instant language” Miuccia Prada

The suitable fashion glasses not only have the function of correcting vision, but also enhance the appearance and hiding the defects of the facial features.

For example, the face of a long nose can be equipped with a frame of dark bold Classes Bridge to balance it and the nose will not look so long after such glasses are worn.

Wearing dark wide-width frames and glasses can hide or cover defects such as drooping eyelids and facial scars, and have the dual effect of correction and beauty. Therefore, if you want to avoid weaknesses and stand out in a Crowd, there will always be a pair of glasses that suits you.

4) What Can Fashion Glasses help for your Image Engineering?

  • It can make you look younger or older

  • It can make you look more gentle or aggressive

  • It can make you look more attractive or annoying

  • It can make you look more reliable or trusted

  • It can make you look sexy

  • It can hide your intentions

  • It can make you look more affirmative and passionate

Recruitment experiments conducted by some psychologists indicate that the applicant's appearance determines their interview results in some circumstance, so sometimes the candidate's image is even more important than academic qualifications and qualifications.

A good image seems to mean high ability, high work efficiency, high credibility, although the appearance does not reflect your inner sufficiency, but in many cases, others see your philosophy of life through appearance. Fashion glasses can shape your image according to your needs.

Fake it till you make it. You are what you wear!

No matter what style you wear, you don’t have to wear any style, you have to have your own style.

5) Can Wearing Eyeglasses Really Help With Your Job Interview?

Psychologists have proven that your appearance will have a great impact to a job interview. When you go to an interview, you already know you need to be dressed well and have your grooming in check. But did you know there’s other way to make your appearance more appealing to potential employers?

One recent study has found that job seekers are more likely to be hired if they wear glasses to their interview. You might think that a single study isn’t enough evidence to demonstrate that wearing glasses help people improve the way they present themselves to others, but there are multiple studies that support this idea.

Several researches have proven that people who wear glasses are typically perceived as more intelligent, more competent, and more industrious than those without glasses.

Even kids think that other kids look smarter and more honest when they are wearing glasses. Furthermore, in a study by Essilor of America, the dominate manufacturer of eyeglass lenses,

74% of the 3,000 adults surveyed associated glass-wearers with librarians and 71% associated them with teachers. Again, people who wear glasses are seen as people of intelligence.

How can it be that a pair of eyeglasses can make you look smarter and improve the job interviewer's perception of you?

Some social experts explain that it’s due to the way we’ve been influenced by films and TV shows. Typically, the smart, nerdy character in movies wears glasses. Over time, these stereotypes were built.

Others believe this because there is something about a person in glasses that implies it’s time to get down to business. The theory is that glasses make the person look ready for work.

But is there any truth to perceptions of glasses wearer?

In two separate studies performed in the late 1980s (Myopia and intelligence: a pleiotropic relationship? and Intelligence, education, and myopia in males), researchers have found that there are some correlations between myopia (nearsightedness) and intelligence.

However, whether or not the correlations are genetic is unclear. Some argue that the correlations exist because intelligent people more frequently perform tasks, such as reading, that can affect eyesight.

6) Should You Wear Glasses To Interview?

With so much research to support the idea that wearing glasses makes you look smarter and can improve your performance in jib interviews, wearing glasses to your next job interview certainly seems not to be a bad idea.

According to one study, about 40% of those with perfect vision said they would consider wearing glasses to an interview if it would improve their chances of getting a job. One thing is for certain – it can’t hurt to wear glasses to your interview.

Wearing glasses makes you feel smarter and more confident so that your body will produce more oxytocin which will reinforce your self-confidence and let you perform better.

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