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Rimless Sunglasses
Rimless Sunglasses



Simple yet classic designs can be worn anywhere, anytime and with anything.

Almost all frames in our website can accommodate prescription sunglasses lenses

1) Find your favorite frame in

2) Click Select Lenses & Order Now ( If the product page have that button means that you can customize your lenses)

3) Follow the procedure to select your lenses

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How you felt when you first informed you needed glasses. Some people are nervous about how they'll look in glasses.

Rimless glasses help ease eyewear apprehension by improving your vision without changing your appearance

Rimless sunglasses are less visible on your face, and they accentuate your natural beauty, your features won't get buried under a pair of rimless glasses. With the ultra-lightweight rimless glasses, you will be wearing a piece of beautiful engineering stripped clean of any redundancy. There will not anything block your beautiful eyes from being seen.

Furthermore, Rimless Sunglasses are lightweight, comfortable and create a larger field of view for your eyes.

If you're leaning toward rimless glasses, consider the benefits as compared to rimmed frames:

Bridges and temples are thin and barely noticeable on your face. If you wear this kind of glasses you can have an air of elegance, intelligence and maturity perfect for a professional.

Fashionable and very practical, rimless glasses are our most popular frame styles!

Rimless Glasses with Titanium Bridge and Temple are super lightweight eyewear frames

Our Rimless eyeglasses and sunglasses are elegant, minimalistic design and light feel.This will truly be exceptional when integrated with titanium rimless glasses.

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