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Rimless Titanium Glasses

Feather-light rimless titanium glasses are corrosion-free and hypoallergenic 

At Framesfashion, we have provided affordable designer rimless titanium glasses.

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Titanium frames are biocompatible and therefore nontoxic to living systems. Titanium frames are hypoallergenic and won't cause an allergic reaction in sensitive skin.Titanium won't rust, tarnish or corrode. It's 20 times more corrosion resistant than the popular glass frame materials, monel.
Titanium has the highest strength-to density ratio of any metallic element. Titanium frames are strong and durable, with twice the tensile strength of a monel. it's as strong as steel, but only about 45% of the weight.
Titanium frames hold their shape which means fewer adjustments, more comfort and higher customer satisfaction.
Titanium frames can be made thinner due to the superior strength of the material. Therefore, the frames can be produced with streamlined style, and by its nature, less material means even lighter frames.
Titanium's corrosion rate is so low that after about 4,000 years in seawater, corrosion would only have penetrated the metal to the thickness of a thin sheet of paper. 

Will Rimless Glasses Work For Me?

First consideration is your personal style. Are you someone with classic tastes or would you consider yourself to be eccentric? Rimless glasses tend to be best for those working in conservative environments or living in the city.
Your face shape will also play an important factor when determining how well certain frames will suit you. 
Square Glasses are best  on people with Oval and round faces.
Angular shapes give round faces some contour, lengthen optically and make the face look narrower.
Cat-eye glasses will look particularly chic on people with Oval and round faces. Cat-Eye glasses angular shapes give round faces some contour, lengthen optically and make the face look narrower.
If you have a square or rectangle face, Regardless of gender, round and soft rim aviator sunglasses work best on faces with square, angular features.Why? Because the frame’s circular lines balance the hard lines of angular and square faces and makes everything smoother.
But It is not The Whole story! Wide and sophisticated rim also fit for soft oval and round face, Bright color and wide rim can be a contrast to soft face line.Your face shape influences how a frame will look on you.
Considering your face shape is a great way to narrow down your eyeglass frame options, but don't let these suggestions make you feel restricted; the most important thing is your taste.
If your face is Square or rectangular or angular, and you like those features and do not want to balance them. On the contrary, you want to reinforce them . These cat eye, square and rectangle oversize sunglasses with angles can strengthen the square, rectangle and angular features of your face.
On the other hand, Glasses are just like jewelry, watches, hats and scarfs can enhance the feelings of fashion. It is also a silent language to express yourself. There are no defined rules, make your own combinations and that is your own creations and expressions"Fashion is an instant language” Miuccia Prada.
The suitable fashion glasses not only have the function of correcting vision, but also enhance the appearance and hiding the defects of the facial features.

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