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Eyeglasses repair--How to tune and maintain eyeglasses

eyeglasses repair-unbalance 

Due to everyday wear and tear, regardless of the price, designs, materials and the brands,

as the wearing time increases, the temples are not flat on both sides,

the external expansion is serious

and the asymmetry of the nose pads will occur!

squeezing frame or loosening of the glasses screws.

More often, the glasses tend to slide down when wearing them.


If we do not handle it properly,

it may cause discomfort in wearing glasses,

blurred eyes, distortion of vision, dizziness, etc.,


Everyone will be puzzled at this time.

Why are glasses with such high prices deformed?

Is it because the quality of the frames is not good?

Is there any harm to the health of such glasses?

It is necessary to adjust the glasses regularly.

How can you solve the problem of glasses easily without going to a professional optical shop?


Although you cannot repair all types of repairs on all types of glasses,

It is still possible to fix eyeglasses for some common problems by DIY.

Let's first understand the names of the various parts of the frame

eyeglasses repair-parts

1) Horizontal tilt, the height of the left and right frames is inconsistent

 eyeglasses repair-unbalance

Reason: the height of the left and right temples is inconsistent;

the arms of nosepads of the eyeglasses is deformed and inclined;

the height of the wearer's ears is inconsistent;


Hazard: Because it can't pass through the optical center of the lens,

it may cause a certain prism effect, which is easy to cause dizziness and visual fatigue.

This may cause the change of eye focus center if you keep this for a long time.

eyeglasses repair angle adjust 

How do we adjust them?

When the deformation of the temple is not smooth,

hold both ends of the frame with both hands,

Try to make higher side lower and lower side higher,

adjust slowly.


When the frames made of plastic, acetate and tr90,

you can use a hair dryer to blow them heat before you adjust them.

You can also use hot water to heat them.


2)  When the lenses surface is not flat

How do we adjust them?

hold the middle beam with one hand

and adjust the front rim with the other hand. Pay attention to the strength and adjust slowly.


3)  the height of the frame is not suitable

eyeglasses repair-height 

Cause: The nose pad position does not match the wearer's nose bridge;

the temple leg bend length is not suitable;

the selected frame is too large or too small


Hazard: Since there is no view through the center of the lens,

there may be blurred vision, dizziness, and eye growth.

eyeglasses repair-height-adjust 

How do we adjust them?

Adjust nosepad arms for metal frames;

Adjust bridge more open when the frame is in too high position in nose;

Adjust bridge more close when the frame is in too lower position in nose;


4)  the frame is parallel shift

The reasons:

Most of the time is due to the inconsistent opening angle of two temples;

The left and right positions of the nose pads are asymmetrical;

The difference in width between the left and right faces;

The positions of the left and right ears are different;


Hazards: due to the inconsistency of the optical center of the lenses and the peripheral degree and the prism effect, causing dizziness and blurred vision;

How to adjust

Adjust opening angle, make angle more open for smaller angle side;

make angle more close for bigger angle side


 5, the temple is too loose or too tight

 eyeglasses repair width adjust

Cause: The temple is expanded or retracted;

the frame of the frame is too large or too small;

there is deformation at the bridge of the nose or angles of glasses ends.

Loose of screws connect frame front and temples

Hazard: it will seriously affect the wearing comfort. The tight temple will compress the temple and cause pain.

 How to adjust

1)       Adjust Bridge, make it more open, if temples are too tight;

make it more close, if temples are too loose. 

2)       Adjust opening angle, make angle more open for tight temple

Make angle more close for loose temple

3)       Change or fasten screws if screws are loose


6. The glasses sliding on nose.

Adjust the curvature of the tail of the temple (the contact point to ear);

the center of gravity will move backwards,

which can reduce the weight of the glasses sliding down

Change nose pads if the glasses have their nose pads sliding.


The difficulty for eyeglasses repair is to find suitable eyeglasses parts and tools

We still try our best to offer you diversified glasses parts

eyeglasses repair-parts 

You glasses parts such nose pads, glasses temple  and different size screws.

You may also need some tools such as glasses pliers, glasses screws