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Saddle Bridge Glasses
Saddle Bridge Glasses

With Saddle Bridge Eyeglasses, You will present wisdom and wit look like Mahatma Gandhi

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Saddle bridge eyeglasses were the frame design shaped like a horse's saddle; therefore, it spreads the weight of the frame across the top and sides of the nose. Saddle bridge glasses date back to the time period before nose pads had been invented.

What is a low bridge fit? A low bridge fit is required when the slope of the nose is either level with or underneath the pupils. If this applies to the bridge of your nose, the low bridge fit will help to stop your glasses falling or shifting onto your cheekbones.

Mahatma Gandhi had a simple, yet defining look that included a pair of Saddle bridge eyeglasses.

The first design of these glasses occurred in the 1880s when Gandhi was a young man, and remained in style until the 1920s, although Gandhi wore them until his assassination in 1948. Saddle bridge eyeglasses are connected with Mahatma Gandhi so deeply and they may be called Gandhi Glasses also represent Non-violent Non-co-operation

Gandhi glasses have round lenses connected by a saddle bridge, and temples that connect at the middle of the rim. Because they lack nose pads, Gandhi glasses have cable temples that curl around the ears to help hold them on the face. You can find both antique round lens glasses from the early 1900s and retro glasses in the same design.

Most of the time Steve Jobs wears rimless Saddle bridge eyeglasses

Those glasses seem a part of Steve Jobs and the glasses were custom-made for Jobs by Robert Marc in 1998.

 "[Design is] not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works." – –  Steve Jobs  

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