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Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses

Blue light blocking reading glasses, can be useful, though, is at night, when blue light from screens can disrupt natural sleep patterns. 

What Is Blue Light? Do You Really Need Blue light blocking reading glasses?

  • Blue light is a short-wave high-energy light having a wavelength between 400 nm and 480 nm. 
  • The blue light in this wavelength will increase the amount of toxin in the macular area of the eye, which seriously threatens the health of our fundus. For more information, please click here.

The harms of blue light to human body are as follows:

  1. Damage to eyes
  2. Eyes fatigue
  3. Sleep poorly 
  • Nowadays, it is impossible to leave computers, notebooks, tablets and other digital products, which can be used for work, life and entertainment without leaving home. 
  • All of this is displayed by screens. While improving work efficiency and enjoying entertainment, you should also notice that your eyes are being hurt by Blu-ray. 
  • Blu-ray-induced blind eye disease, the current effective solution is to film screens or lenses. The anti-blue film technology is very mature and low in cost, which can effectively prevent blue light from penetrating. For more information, please click here.
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