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Tortoise Round Glasses
Tortoise Round Glasses

What makes tortoise round glasses such an enduring and popular trend?

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Popularity of Tortoise round glasses stems from the fact that it suits pretty well on almost everyone. Their warm brown and amber will brighten darker skin tones and add a touch of light to the eyes. Tortoise is also a great softer option for fair skin types where black frames can prove to be a little too harsh. That’s why we can say that tortoise shell glasses are in fashion and in trend.

Why are they named Tortoise frames?

Simple answer: because they mimic the appearance of real turtles and have a dotted look. Back in the 1920s, they were made of real hawksbill turtle shells! Nowadays, tortoise frames are mostly made of acetate.

Tortoise frames have been a fashion must-have for the past century and it continues nowadays, whether for eyeglasses or sunglasses. But the trend has evolved from its original colors. Tortoise shell also comes in a wide range of hues, including red, pink, blue, mustard, and cream.

Consider your skin tone and the frame colors, just like you would with any pair of glasses. Choose a narrow, light frame if you're new to tortoise shell eyeglasses. They look fantastic whether worn with black, blonde, or red hair. The real trick is to match the tortoise shell hue to your skin tone and characteristics. The brown-honey tones complement blue eyes well.

If you have a lighter complexion, traditional tortoise glasses will look fantastic on you. Choose coloured tortoise shell frames if you have a darker skin. The red tortoise shell frames would set you apart from the crowd. You'll need to try on a variety of tortoise shell frames to find the ones that are right for your face and style. 

On the other hand, Does frame shape really matter when it comes to glasses?

Yes, generally speaking. What Shape Faces Work Best With Round Shades? Without a doubt, the best face shape for round sunglasses is a square face shape. If the male's face is a type with a clear angle, especially the two bones under the ear are particularly prominent.

It is strongly recommended that the men try to select the round glasses and balance the bones on your face that make you look not serious and aggressive. Regardless of gender, round sunglasses work best on faces with square, oval or angular features.

Why? Because the frame’s circular lines balance the hard lines of angular and square faces and makes everything smoother.

But It is not Whole story! On the other hand, Glasses are just like jewelry, watches, hats and scarfs can enhance the feelings of fashion. It is also a silent language to express yourself. There is no defined rules, make your own combinations and that is your own creations and expressions

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