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Round Bifocal Lenses Glasses

Round Bifocal Lenses glasses integrate multiple prescriptions in one lens, (known as the ADD), allowing you to see both near and far

Used to bifocal lenses glasses and don’t want to transfer to progressive, we are here to serve you.  

Please note rimless frames cannot accommodate bifocal lenses, and bifocals lenses need to be customized and will take 5 to 7 days.

Framesfashion customize your Round Bifocal Lenses based on your selection of our tons of fashion frames.

Do you need bifocals lenses glasses?

When you feel hard to reading, it means that you may need bifocal lenses glasses. Get full understanding of Bifocals, please click here. Bifocals lenses have visible lines, but the line in a round-seg bifocal (known as round bifocal lenses) tends to be less noticeable than the lines in flat-top and Executive styles.

If you want to wear a multifocal lens without visible lines, progressive lenses usually are your best choice. Our progressive lenses glasses are even much cheaper than most retail bifocal lenses glasses. Please Click here to select glasses frames for progressive lenses.

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