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Glasses Arm Replacement - Eyeglasses Temple Repair

Glasses Arm Replacement - Eyeglasses Temple Repair

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SKU frc-scs-0.8-3.7-2.7
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Frame Measures
front | lateral
frame front measures bridge lens width frame width lens height weight: g all measures in mm

A Pair of Glasses Arm Replacement for Eyeglasses Temple Repair are 140 mm long 2.7 MM wide, made of thin Spring metal

Eyeglasses Temple Width is 2.7 MM, tooth thick is 0.8 MM, tooth hight is 3.7 MM.

Please check the detail sizes of technical mesurement on images.

Metal eyeglasses temples have a total of ten colors, eyeglasses temples are carefully polished by advanced IP vacuum anion plating treatment, with a fine surface without particles. These eyeglasses temples color will not fade.

If tooth notch in your eyeglasses frames is more than 1.1mm, it is recommended to use rasp to polish it.

Framesfashion carries a wide selection of eyeglass temples. Choose from a variety of sizes, styles and colors for enhance your looks

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More Information
SKU frc-scs-0.8-3.7-2.7

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