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Nose Pads for Glasses (screw in)


Nose pads are attached to pad arms, which are welded to the frame front. Nosepad arms are made of a strong and endure metal so that they can be adjusted (bent) during a fitting. This metal is then welded on to the frame front which could be made of titanium, monel, stainless, or other materials.

Nosepads are attached either by a screw (screw-in nosepads), or they are push-in nosepads which require no screw.

Most nosepads are designed this way so that the nosepads can be replaced when they wear out.

LOOK! you can adjust nose pads arm to let frame fit you.

Acetate frames, and some metal eyeglasses frames do not have nosepads; they have a saddle bridge construction.

This term refers to a style of bridge in which the arched portion of the bridge lies directly on the bridge of the wearers nose. Saddle bridges are more common with plastic frames than with metal frames.

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