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Rectangular Pure Titanium Aviator Glasses, Clear Glasses | Clear Glasses Trend

Rectangular Pure Titanium Aviator Glasses, Clear Glasses | Clear Glasses Trend

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SKU gh1854
Medium Sizes

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Frame Measures
front | lateral
frame front measures 18bridge 54lens width 139frame width 46lens height weight: 11g all measures in mm

Rectangular Titanium Aviator Glasses, Clear Glasses | Clear Glasses Trend

Titanium glasses should not be exclusive to men, FramesFashion  have titanium glasses specially designed for women. Pure Titanium and alloy. Fashion also Professional.

Titanium Frame Type

There are two types of titanium frames - pure titanium and alloy frames. Pure titanium is about 99% pure, and titanium alloys, also known as "memory titanium" or "bendable titanium," are a mixture of titanium and other metals. Titanium alloy frames are slightly heavier than pure titanium frames, but can be more durable and Flexible.

Known for its bendable properties, memory titanium can return to its original shape, making it a great option for those who want comfortable and lightweight glasses. In fact, titanium glasses are so flexible that they can bend and easily return to their original shape when broken.

Lightweight and flexible

Due to the superior strength of titanium, anti-oxidation and flexibility, Titanium is widely used in the medical industry. Titanium frames can be made thinner which makes them very lightweight. In fact, titanium frames are typically less than half weight of stainless steel frames. This makes them a great option for people who prefer light frames.

People also like the flexibility of the titanium frame compared to plastic or other metals. In fact, titanium glasses are so flexible that they can bend without breaking and return to their original shape. Specifically, titanium alloy metal produces some of the most durable frames in the world.

In addition to being durable and flexible, titanium frames have some other benefits:

They are hypoallergenic and can be used by people with sensitive skin and Titanium is nickel-free, making it ideal for people with nickel allergies.They allow for more color, texture and pattern options than stainless steel frames.

Clear glasses if refer to frames, also called transparent, describe glasses with clear, colorless, or light transparent color frames. 

Most transparent frames are made of a specialized plastic material called acetate or propionate. Other plastic frame materials include nylon, polyamide, carbon etc.

Clear frames can be almost colorless, leaving them nearly invisible on your face, or have a slight tint of color to them. 

When people like bold glasses, they will select the frames in black, brown, or tortoiseshell.Clear frames are another option for making a fashion statement with your eyeglasses.

Our search data show that they’ve gotten more popular in 2022. Clear eyeglass frames have increased in popularity over the past decades. Celebrities such as Sarah Hyland, Gigi Hadid, Jackson and Tom Hanks have been seen wearing stylish clear glasses.

For a round and oval face, Avoid round or oval glasses as they will only make the face look rounder

Your face shape influences how a frame will look on you. Frames with corners, like Horn Rimmed, rectangular or square-shaped glasses, add an angular touch to more rounded faces.

More Information
More Information
SKU gh1854
Brand FramesFashion
Gender Men
Size Medium
Shape Aviator Frames
Material Titanium
Frame Bridge (mm) 18
Lens Width (mm) 54
Frame Width (mm) 139
Temple Length (mm) 148
Lens Height (mm) 46
Frame Weight (g) 11
Rim Type Full rim
Try-On Image Url /t/r/try-roundframe_42.png

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