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Polarized Rectangular Rimless Sunglasses for Mens Flush/Light Adjusting

Polarized Rectangular Rimless Sunglasses for Mens Flush/Light Adjusting

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SKU qgz8407
Design Variations

  1. Narrow rectangular rimless sunglasses for mens
  2. Polarized Rectangular Rimless Sunglasses for Mens
  3. Polarized Rectangular Rimless Sunglasses for Mens / Light Adjusting
Frame Measures
front | lateral
frame front measures 16bridge 65lens width 153frame width 37lens height weight: 15g all measures in mm

Polarized Rectangular Rimless Sunglasses for Mens for the very best in unique or custom

Mens Different Color Tint Retro Polarized Gradient,Flush lenses and Light Adjustable Rectangular Rimless Sunglasses.

All of the options are polarized lenses, Among those options, 4 of  them are actually light adjusting polarized lenses, The lenses will become dark if the environment light become strong. Another 3 are flush polarized lenses.

The lenses of these polarized rectangular rimless sunglasses for mens help block harmful UVA,UVB &UVC rays and protect your eyes against long term UV damage.

polarized function can restore true color and reduce glare without any haze or optical distortion. 

Take These rectangular rimless sunglasses with you whether you are driving,fishing,hiking or other outdoor activities!

Rectangular Glasses will look particularly chic on people with Oval and round faces. Rectangular glasses shapes give round faces some contour, lengthen optically and make the face look narrower.

Frames should be elegant but not too thin. Avoid round or oval glasses as they will only make the face look rounder.

Your face shape influences how a frame will look on you.

Frames with corners, like rectangular or square-shaped glasses, add an angular touch to more rounded faces.Considering your face shape is a great way to narrow down your eyeglass frame options, but don't let these suggestions make you feel restricted; the most important thing is your taste.

Why do you need UV protection glasses?

  • The sun has damaging UV rays that can cause photokeratitis, pinguecula and permanent retinal damage.

  • The sun's rays are strongest between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., but that's not the only time UV rays can affect your eyes.Also, most people think that they're at risk only when they're outside on a sunny day, but UV light can go right through clouds, so it doesn't matter if the sky is overcast.Glare and reflections can give you trouble too, so have your sunglasses ready if you'll be around snow, water or sand, or if you'll be driving.

Why do you need prescription polarized sunglasses? 

Light reflected from surfaces such as a flat road or smooth water generally is horizontally polarized, This creates an annoying and sometimes dangerous intensity of light that we experience as glare. Polarized lenses contain a special filter that blocks this type of intense reflected light, reducing glare.

More Information
More Information
SKU qgz8407
Brand FramesFashion
Size Large
Shape Rectangle Glasses
Material Titanium
Frame Bridge (mm) 16
Lens Width (mm) 65
Lens Height (mm) 37
Temple Length (mm) 140
Frame Width (mm) 153
Frame Weight (g) 15
Colors Gold
Rim Type Rimless

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