Eyeglasses have now become more than just a necessity for correcting vision; they are also a style accessory. These days, you can find eyeglasses in a wide variety of styles, from timeless classics to cutting-edge trends. Framesfashion is an online store that specializes in providing one of the best selections of trending eyewear on the internet. Take a look at these currently popular frames and pick out a pair for yourself:

Screwless hinge eyeglasses

Screwless hinge eyeglasses are the most recent development in the field of eyewear. The hinges on these eyeglasses are screw-free, so they’ll last longer and be simpler to fix if they break. The flexible arms are secured to the frames by spring-loaded hinges rather than screws. Screwless eyeglasses can be found in a wide variety of shapes and materials, from aviators to rectangular frames. They are a common choice because of their usefulness and the ease with which they can be carried out daily.

Saddle bridge eyeglasses

Saddle bridge eyeglasses are a vintage style that is making a comeback. The bridge of these glasses’ rests securely and comfortably on the bridge of the nose. In terms of comfort, people with a low nose bridge or high cheekbones will find that saddle bridge eyeglass are the best option.

Spectacles with saddle bridges can be found in a wide variety of shapes, including round, square, and rectangular on the Framesfashion store.

Buffalo horn eyewear

Buffalo horn glasses are both luxurious and sustainable. The Asian water buffalo, whose horns are used to craft these glasses, is a renewable resource. One of the many unique qualities of buffalo horn glasses is that no two sets are ever exactly alike due to the process of handcrafting them.

These glasses made from buffalo horn are strong and lightweight, making them perfect for daily use. As a bonus, they are available in a wide variety of trendy and timeless frame shapes, including square, rectangular, and even round.

Oversized frames

The trend toward oversize eyewear frames has been going strong for some time now. To make a dramatic fashion statement, the frame size of these glasses is purposefully made to be significantly larger than standard. Cat-eye, round, and rectangular shapes are all represented in the wide variety of oversize frames available. You can find a pair in a variety of materials, from acetate to metal, so they can complement any outfit.

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