What are parts of eyeglasses?

Eleven eyeglasses parts you should know

1. Front: the front part of frame

2. Rim wire: Fix the lens on the frame

3. Top bar: The top edge of the left and right mirror ring is connected to the aviator style glasses.

4. End pieces: the joints between the rim and the hinge, they are the small parts on the frame that extend outward and connect the lenses to the temples

5. Bridge: Connect the left and right rim wires or connect directly to the lens. Some acetate bridge is placed directly on the nose.

6. Hinge: Connect a joint of the pile head and the temple arm so that the arm can be folded inward

7. Rim lock: Loosen the screw to open the upper and lower rim wire for easy installation of the lens. The locking screw secures the lens.

8. Eyeglasses Temples: The handle on both sides of the glasses

9. End tip: Cover the end of the temple

10. Pad arm: An adjustable metal material nose joint for connecting metal to soft nose pads

11. Nose pads:  The nose pads are the round plastic or silica gel pieces under the bridge that sit on your nose. They give your glasses a more comfortable and secure fit.

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