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How to Select the Right Frame Size

How to Select the Right Frame Size for Glasses

  • The importance of eyeglass frame size is often overlooked
  • The size of the frame is usually marked like 50□20-140 on the glasses. What does this mean? So, What frame size fits you? 
  • Appropriate glasses should make the pupil basically in the center of the lens
  • Simply: pupillary distance = glasses bridge + single lens width
  • pupillary distance = distance between the center of right lens to the center of left lens
  • The larger lens has a higher error tolerance rate, but the smaller lens has a very low error tolerance rate and must be basically in the center of the lens. 
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Glasses for Fashion, Appearance, Image Engineering and Interview 

1)     Fashion Glasses Stories 

2)     Fashion Glasses Let People to Value Your Appearance More

3)     Fashion Glasses are Tools to Enhance Your Appearance

4)    What Can Fashion Glasses help for your Image Engineering? 

5)    Can Wearing Eyeglasses Really Help With Your Job Interview? 

6)    Should You Wear Glasses To Interview? 

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What are parts of eyeglasses?

Eleven eyeglasses parts you should know

1. Front: the front part of frame

2. Rim wire: Fix the lens on the frame

3. Top bar: The top edge of the left and right mirror ring is connected to the aviator style glasses.

4. End pieces: the joints between the rim and the hinge, they are the small parts on the frame that extend outward and connect the lenses to the temples

5. Bridge: Connect the left and right rim wires or connect directly to the lens. Some acetate bridge is placed directly on the nose.

6. Hinge: Connect a joint of the pile head and the temple arm so that the arm can be folded inward

7. Rim lock: Loosen the screw to open the upper and lower rim wire for easy installation of the lens. The locking screw secures the lens.

8. Eyeglasses Temples: The handle on both sides of the glasses

9. End tip: Cover the end of the temple

10. Pad arm: An adjustable metal material nose joint for connecting metal to soft nose pads

11. Nose pads:  The nose pads are the round plastic or silica gel pieces under the bridge that sit on your nose. They give your glasses a more comfortable and secure fit.

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Round Glasses for Men | Reform Image to Fashion Icon

Round glasses for Men,What Shape Faces Work Best?

  • Glasses, a tool to enhance your appearance
  • What the eyeglasses can help for your Image Engineering?
  • Story of Round Glasses for Men
  • John Lennon Sunglasses Round Shades Retro Black
  • Designer's new round glasses
  • Round Glasses for Dark Hair 
  • Round Glasses Dark Skin
  • Metallic Round Glasses
  • Bold Rim Round Glasses
  • Round Glasses not Tag of Nerd Keep the Outfit Elegant – not Geek!
  • John Lennon's Style Round Glasses
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Before we talk about prescription cycling glasses, we make things simple and research nonprescription first. 

What should you look for when buying a new pair of cycling sunglasses? How much should you be looking to pay?

1. Cycling glasses function

2. Cycling glasses lens material

3. Comfort of wearing cycling glasses

4. Cycling glasses Frame

5. Sunglasses are not a substitute for cycling glasses.

6.  How about prescription glasses for cycling?

1) "High economical" cycling glasses with contact lenses

2) "Highly adaptable" cycling glasses with optical lenses

3) Helmet-goggle combinations

4) The cycling glasses style that can load the myopia inner frame.


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Light has a profound effect on our sleep and waking

Humans are diurnal, which means we evolved to sleep at night. 

Light exposure can have profound effects on sleep even circadian rhythm disorders. 

When the body’s internal biological comes out of synch with the external environment, it can develop into a circadian rhythm sleep disorder.

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