Are you planning on buying oversized glasses? Are you confused about whether you should get it or not? A lot of people refrain from investing in oversized prescription glasses because they think that they may not flatter their face type. This is a common notion that people have in their mind which is purely baseless. Oversized glasses can look good on every face type. So, you must try it once in your lifetime and once you try it, you will surely never go back to normal glasses.

But if you do not know how to choose the right oversized glasses then there is no need to worry. We have listed down few tips to help you during choosing your oversized glasses:-

1. Every person’s face shape is different and different frame shapes go with different face shapes. So, the most important thing is to crack this combination. You need to find the right shape of the frame that will look good on your face shape.

2. Oversized glasses can be large and sometimes extra large too. If the size of your face is considerably small, or you are trying out oversized glasses for the first time then you should avoid getting extremely big glasses. You should start with a normal big pair in the beginning.

3. Getting oversized glasses does not mean that your glasses would be coming off every second. The nose pads of your glasses should be well fitted so that you can wear them without any issues.

4. One thing that should be kept in mind no matter what size of glasses you are is that your glasses should be comfortable to wear. They should not feel comfortable otherwise it would become difficult to wear them for long hours.

5. Another important thing is that the weight of the glasses should be less. If they are heavy then they may cause nose or ear pain.

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