A human does several activities during the day and night. A few things can impact the human body while doing these activities. For instance, not wearing glasses while reading can affect one's vision. In these situations, people can try wearing prescription round glasses and stay away from vision problems. Even if your vision is perfectly fine, you need to wear glasses to protect your eyes from damage. Here are three situations when you should make sure to wear glasses. 

Situation-1: While working on screens:

Nowadays, most people work on PCs, laptops, etc. Screen time has increased excessively. A normal employee works for at least 9 hours on screens a day. Such a long screen time can impact one's vision. So, to avoid such vision problems, one should always wear glasses while using or working on screens. It will be better to use anti-glare or blue-ray glasses in these situations. In this way, the harmful rays from the screen can not reach the eyes. Glasses will act as a barrier and protect the eyes. 

Situation-2: While studying:

People use no line bifocals, prescription glasses, and more while studying. When you are studying, you have to read what is written in the books. Generally, the letters are too small in the book. It might not affect the vision instantly, but you might start seeing things blurry with time. So, it is better to wear glasses that protect your eyes from these problems. Apart from this, wearing glasses while studying can also reduce the chances of headaches and dizziness. 

Situation-3: While going out:

Whenever you go out during the daytime, you should wear sunglasses. Sunglasses can restrict harmful UV rays from the sun to reach your eyes. Moreover, the dust and dirt present outdoors will also not impact your eyes, if you wear sunglasses. And during the night, you can wear normal glasses. They are essential because at night sunrays won't be harming your vision but dust, dirt, and pollution are still present in the air. So, make sure to choose the right glasses for you to wear when you are outdoors. 

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