Glasses have become a part of our fashion and daily life these days. Since screen time of people is increasing day by day, because their professional lives depend on it and many more reasons, the increased screen time is never good for your eyes. But every problem has its solution. To protect your eyes, anti-glare and other glasses are available today. Glasses are not only used for eyesight purposes, but they are an additional accessory in your style statement. Oversized designer sunglasses are fashion statement. They have been the eyewear of choice for A-list celebrities looking to travel incognito ever since the look was popularized by Jackie Kennedy in the early 1960s. They offer better sun protection — or a wider visual field — than traditional frame styles.

Oversized designer sunglasses, cool and stylish frames, and such accessories have become a part of our outfits.

You might have observed that wearing glasses could change people's appearance within seconds. That is true to a great extent. Therefore, a person needs to choose a glass frame and style according to their facial shape and features. Let us discuss some basic frames for different facial shapes.

  1. Round Face: To contrast the round face shape, one must opt for rectangular or square-shaped glasses that could enhance their facial features.
  2. Oval-Shaped Face: One with an oval-shaped face must avoid going for oversized glasses as they might cover a maximum portion of their face. Glass frames with a strong bridge would work the best for them.
  3. Base-Down Face: The best choices for these types of facial shapes are cat-eye glasses. They provide more depth to your facial features and enhance your appearance.
  4. Diamond Face: Diamond-shaped face would look better with cat-eye and oval-shaped glasses. These frames could make your forehead look smaller and change your appearance.
  5. Square Face: To contrast your square-shaped face, you must not opt for angular and body glass frames. Rather you must opt for round frames that will coordinate with your face in a better way.


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