Frames for corrective eyewear have evolved into a fashion statement in their own right. These days, one's choice of eyeglasses frame may be seen as a reflection of their individuality and a fashion statement. Oversized designer sunglasses are making a return as one of the most sought-after types of eyewear. Here are five ways to dress up your appearance using large eyeglasses.

Fearless and Assured

Choose some thick-framed, oversized eyewear in a striking type of color like red or black if you're trying for an edgy style. When paired with the right attire, these frames can make a bold fashion statement. Let the spectacles do the talking by wearing a simple outfit.

Timeless and Stylish

Choose large glasses with a thin frame for a timeless and elegant appearance. You can't go wrong with the classic tortoiseshell print or a simple, classic hue like black or brown. These glasses are versatile enough to pair with both everyday and dressier outfits. They look well with everything from a fitted jacket and pants to a plain sweater and jeans.

Classically Stunning

These custom made glasses have the potential to create a strong fashion statement while also lending an air of retro sophistication to your look. Add a pair of shoes and a dress or skirt with a vintage vibe, and you'll be set.

Entertainingly odd and offbeat

Using oversized eyeglasses with a distinctive frame can make an already interesting outfit, much more interesting. Frames of unusual forms, like hearts or stars, or frames with amusing patterns, such as dots or stripes can add a bit of style to your look. To complete the appearance, wear them with anything bright and/or pattern.

Elegant and Modern

Glasses with large lenses and transparent frames are now the trend to make a bold statement. These eyeglasses have a minimal look while they still fit with modern clothing. You may dress up in simple clothing by matching it with an all-black or neutral-colored pattern.Large oversized eyeglasses are a great way to stand out from the crowd while yet looking chic. You should pick a frame that expresses your sense of style and works well with what you want to wear.

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