Are you in the market to buy glass frames for yourself or your loved one?

If so, you might have seen several types of glass frames available on the market. However, one of the things most people forget is to choose the right color for glass frames.

You can determine the shape of the high prescription glasses frames based on your face shape. You have got tons of guides for that. But not many guides on the latest trendy frame colors available in the market.

So, we decided to build a short and crisp guide for you. Here are some of our top trendy glass frame colors you can choose from.

Timeless Tortoiseshell

Tortoiseshell glass frames were first popularized in the 1920s. However, at the time, they used real tortoise shells to make the glass frames. Although it was quickly banned in the 1970s to protect wildlife, tortoiseshells never lost their charm.

Manufacturers started using acetate frames and designed them with tortoiseshell print. And the fun part is, no two tortoiseshell frames will be similar in design. One frame could be dark whereas the other one can be light. So, when you buy tortoiseshell frames, you will always be unique.

Grounded Neutral

Whether you are buying wide frame glasses or round glasses, neutral colors are always on point. Neutral-colored frames pair well with all types of outfits whether casual or professional. They also go perfectly well with all types of complexions.

Neutral glass frames are for those who want to attract the attention of people without being too flashy or loud. Neutral glass frames are a trend in 2023 which is here to stay for the long haul.

Sunny Brights

Pink, yellow, orange, red, and more such playful and bright colors are worth giving a try! When choosing your glass frames, you can check out these dopamine-boosting eyeglass frame colors. They are sure to turn heads. They bring out the playful and quirky side of your personality. You can pair them with neutral outfits or full denim outfits.

Also, such frames are a great conversation starter!

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