Have you been constantly working on your screens? Did that result in your doctor prescribing you to wear prescription glasses? If so, we know how you might be feeling. Most people avoid wearing prescription glasses because they don’t come in flattering designs and shapes. And nowadays everything is about fashion and looking fab always. This also includes your prescription glasses. And you can get fabulous prescription glasses customized as per your needs. Custom made glasses are all the new rage in the market.

With custom-made glasses, you can choose the lens and frame you want and look smart while wearing them. But there are other reasons too that make custom-made glasses the best choice.

Have your name: Now we know everybody loves something customized that has their name on it. And you do too! You can certainly get your name engraved on the frame of your custom-made glasses. And if not the full name, at least you can get your initials engraved on the frame. This will make you stand out in the crowd effectively.

Support a social cause: Maybe you want to support a social cause along with motivating others to do the same. You can easily engrave the symbol associated with the social cause on your custom-made glass frame. This way people will notice the social cause and ask you about it thus ending up supporting the same.

Kids name: If you have kids, you know that kids have a habit of losing things including their glasses. The best way to identify your kid’s glasses is to have their name engraved on the glass frame. Custom-made glasses can help you achieve this goal.

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