It is no secret that the entire world revolves around mobile phones and laptops. With the growing technology, we can explore so many things just by looking at our screens. As they say, everything has pros and cons. And so does the fact that we can do almost everything on our mobile phones and laptops but compromise our eyesight. Because of constantly being on the screens, your vision starts to get poor. It might not happen today, but slowly it will.

Many of you do take precautionary measures by using no line bifocal reading glasses but there are many others who need to be told about the harm that screens can cause to their eyes:

  • Damaging retina: The blue light that is emitted from the screens can reach the back of the eye's inner lining. This blue light can damage the retina's light-sensitive cells. This can cause loss of eyesight and various other problems.
  • Loss of flexibility in focus: When we get old our eyes are not flexible enough to adjust our eyes to see through distance. This is a problem that happens during old age but because of excess screen time, this can happen to you anytime.
  • Irritated eyes: Dry eyes can cause your eyes to have blurry vision. When you see on the screens for too long, you tend to blink less causing your eyes to become dry. This irritates your eyes. For more info, you can keep reading.

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